Global, Worldwide, International – however you say it, Race Couriers will get it there. If it’s a last minute gift to London, a passport to Moscow, confidential documents to Singapore, surfboards to Cape Town or Antiquities to Paris we have the solution and budget for you.

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We like to keep it very simple, but sometimes certain items just cannot travel. With correct packaging and documents, we “can do it”.

Before you obtain a price, be sure to check with our team, the Australian Government and any Government bodies at your shipping destination, to ensure your goods are allowed and find out if you need to pay any special taxes, duties or surcharges.


There are many do’s and don’ts when sending items internationally, but a good a rule of thumb is:

  • Governments create the laws around export and import of goods into and out of their country, save yourself time and money by checking their website before sending your item to ensure it complies.
  • Declare or beware. Not declaring the type or value of your goods may result in you or the recipient being up for some hefty charges.
  • Correct documents, labels, spelling and paperwork – no one wants a “Return to Sender”.
  • Cubic or deadweight, looks and weight can be a deciding cost factor. Measure twice and book once.
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute unless you are a millionaire, early planning saves time and money.

We want to be on time for you, and the next customer, and the next one. Have your paperwork ready for your driver, so we can all be on time.

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