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      Van Courier


      Business Butlers provides swift and dependable van delivery services, offering one of the speediest courier solutions in Melbourne. Whether it's large boxes or urgent construction materials that need transporting, our courier delivery vans are equipped to assist. Our "on-demand" van service ensures prompt arrival within minutes, regardless of the size or distance of your delivery. At Business Butlers, we take pride in delivering efficient van courier services of top-notch quality. Be confident that if it fits in a van, our couriers will ensure timely delivery!


      At Business Butlers, we're equipped to handle all your delivery needs. Our van delivery service is an ideal transportation option, no matter the size of your requirement. Whether it's designer furniture or a sizable pallet, if it fits in our vans, we'll promptly reach your doorstep.

      Recognizing that some items might require more than one van, we boast a vast network of vans in various sizes. Our team is adept at managing any logistics project, no matter how challenging. Whether it's a singular delivery or routine van runs, Business Butlers has a fleet of skilled and trusted drivers dedicated to prioritizing customer satisfaction.


      Across Melbourne, our clients rely on us for swift transportation, moving everything from hefty items to numerous boxes swiftly and securely. Our goal is to become one of Australia's most dependable and convenient point-to-point courier services. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, our skilled delivery drivers are well-versed in handling various goods, including delicate large items and bulky machinery. We offer a secure and trustworthy van transport service that businesses can depend on

      Recognizing the need for organized and labeled multiple boxes in businesses, our team ensures meticulous planning and packing. Every driver is adept at organization, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Count on us to alleviate your logistical concerns with our packing, organization, and storage solutions, ensuring your items safely reach their intended destination.

      Businesses Trust Us To Deliver


      Our reliable van service can move your pallet from A-B, quickly and safely.


      Whether you're moving offices or delivering to an important customer, we'll deliver your furniture with ease.

      Boxes & Product

      From multiple packages to large boxes, we'll handle your products with care and efficiency.

      AV Equipment

      Ideal for fragile and expensive audiovisual equipment, ensuring your gear arrives in perfect condition.

      Photography Equipment

      When it comes to cameras, lenses & lighting, we'll deliver all your equipment safely.

      Construction Materials

      Our heavy duty vans are perfect for transporting bricks, cement bags, pillars and posts to you site on time.

      Delivery Timeframes

      Same Day

      Schedule your same day pickup before 12pm and we’ll guarantee delivery by the end of the same business day. If you have important small items and need a reliable courier service, our same day service is everything you need.

      • End of business day delivery
      • Rate available for pickups up until 12pm


      For any item that needs to be delivered within 4 hours of pickup our priority delivery is perfect. Schedule your delivery pickup before 3pm and our trustworthy couriers will get to work and get the job done.

      • Delivery with 4 hours of pickup
      • Rate available for pickups up until 3pm

      Our Simple Process


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      Although we have a range of courier vans of different shapes and sizes on average our vans have approx 4935 litres of available space using the VDA measurement system. The space that any one of our vans have available also depends based on your courier bookings time of day, pickup and delivery address. 

      The largest item any of our courier vans can take is approximately 2.5m long, 1.2m wide and 1.2m high. 

      In terms of weight the heaviest payload any of our vans can transport is 800kg in weight.

      We have a range of delivery timeframes for our van courier deliveries. 

      For bookings made up until 12pm or earlier, we offer a same day delivery service. For this service we will guarantee your delivery is completed by the end of the business day. 

      We also offer our priority service for all van courier deliveries that required a 4hr delivery timeframe. For all van courier deliveries scheduled after 12pm, the priority rate is automatically applied. 

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      All our van courier deliveries are priced based on the distance we will travel between your pickup and delivery addresses. 

      For our same day delivery service our van rates start at $6.45 per km. For our priority delivery service our van rates start at $8.45 per km. 

      For van courier deliveries that require more time for our team to load and unload your materials, additional charges will apply. 

      Due to the size limitations of our courier vans, we are not able to transport any materials that are greater than 800kg in weight or are greater than the following:

      Height: 1.2m 
      Width: 1.2m 
      Length: 2.5m

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